Training with Perifit: Can it help with my postpartum recovery?

Mom with kid and Perifit

One of the most beautiful, complex, miraculous journeys of a woman’s or birthing person’s life can be pregnancy. Over 9 months, our bodies experience so many amazing changes. In addition to our bellies growing, our hearts expand forever to welcome our new babies. Pregnancy and birth is an athletic event, stretched out over a long period time, and sometimes our bodies (especially our pelvic floors) need a little bit of help recovering after the physical changes and demands of having a baby.

Rehabilitating your pelvic floor postpartum

There are so many things to do to help with your pelvic floor postpartum rehabilitation! Pelvic floor rehab and proper pelvic floor exercises as part of your postpartum recovery plan are shown to help decrease pain, increase pelvic floor function, and improve overall pelvic health. This can help prevent future issues with leaking, prolapse, and pain, if you’re planning for more children or while you travel through your motherhood journey.

Proper pelvic floor exercises and rehab can help with pain, speed up recovery, and possibly prevent further issues (like leaking urine and pelvic organ prolapse) down the road. Stress incontinence (leaking urine with laughing, coughing, sneezing, or jumping), leaking bowel movements, pain in the vagina and perineum, and prolapse (where your organs sit lower in the vaginal canal) can be from pelvic floor dysfunction, and many women will experience this up to a year after birth or even longer.

How does Perifit help

Kegels can be one of the best ways to prevent, help heal, and decrease symptoms of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, but it’s actually quite hard to make sure you’re doing them correctly and to measure your improvement. This is where Perifit can help! Perifit gives you instant feedback about your pelvic floor contraction, and actually makes doing your program fun! The app uses games to help you train your pelvic floor successfully, and it also provides you with statistics and real time facts about progress and muscle activity. You don’t have to guess! You can be confident that you’re doing the right exercises for you, and that you are maintaining your strength gains and working towards a better, healthy, pelvic floor.

We highly recommend that you wait for approval from your health professional before using Perifit after childbirth. This will usually be at your six-week check-up, which is the average delay before pelvic floor healing.