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A workout with fun

I found the Perifit easy to use and I enjoy my daily five-minute exercise with games. I can feel that my pelvic floor muscles are getting a workout and can see that I'm gaining strength and control through the exercises. I recommend it.

great product

I been using it once day and I did noticed after 3 days when I wake up during the night or first thing in the morning I do not have a has help me so much,I am so happy I decided to buy this product. thank you so much for amazing product.i love it

This is a help I hope

As a person not used to devices I am on a learning curve, and am enjoying the games that make practising fun!


So simply and so effective. Highly recommend it.

Such fun!

Really fun and easy to use - what a genius concept - think the sky’s the limit with the games - please develop more for increased motivation. Have found some of the games a little tedious after a few times but others are great.

Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit

Glad I bought it


I wasn’t sure how I’d get on with this , but it’s great, the device is easy to use and the games make it fun to do the excercises, it’s also really good to know of your doing it right!


I've loved this thing from day one. High quality product and perfect, frequently updated app. Exercising with it is fun. The results of using it are really noticeable.


The games are so fun! Easy to use, comfy and the most fun you can have training your pelvic floor :) highly recommended I’m
Already seeing results and I’m one week In

Results, fast

Perifit was recommended to me by my pelvic floor phyio when my progress stalled due my disability.
Once I worked out how set myself up to use the Perifit I have seen enormous progress. The immediate feedback really helps maintain form during the exercises, which is key to progress.
I highly recommend Perifit.

Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit

Exellent, fun and easy to use

I love my Perifit

I knew I needed to improve my pelvic floor muscles but I wasn’t expecting it to be so much fun. What a genius idea - playing video games with your vagina! And according to the app my pelvic health is improving pretty quickly. I
thoroughly recommend Perifit.

yes good

Haven’t tried it yet

Bit scared to try it. Building up the courage.

Perifit rests

Since starting my using perifit I have noticed a big improvement in my pelvic floor muscle and with perifit at least you know your actually working the right muscle with lots of visual graphs to help would highly recommend this product

Great way to exercise the pelvic floor.

Amazing device

I really love this device. I had experience with Vagiton system but it is very boring and you can't practice without coaching and special courses. Amazing thing about Perifit is that you have all the information about your progress in your phone and to practice with this device is a huge joy! First days I couldn't wait till my next practice like a child. You just play games and you make your health better, your sexual life more tasty.
It is a must have for each woman especially if you gave birth. Perifit motivates me to keep regular practice and be better

Thanks Perifit

My improvement has been slow but mostly steady. I am grateful for how Perifit is contributing

It works

I'm on day 4. 52 year old. I could feel the "workout" when completed. The games are fun. 10 mins a night. Easie pesie


Soy fisioterapeuta especialista en suelo pélvico y lo utilizo tanto en consulta como pauta para las pacientes.
Me encanta que estén actualizando y mejorando la app constantemente.
Se nota que hay un buen equipo detrás.

Great invention for women

Although I'm unsure about the results yet, I can say the device works very well and the app and games are super engaging. The downside is the fact that there's no way to charge the battery, so once it's empty, you'll through the device away. Can't wait to see results!