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Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit

Amazing results in under a week!

I have been running to the toilet and worrying about small leaks for a few years, things were starting to get worse and I wore panty liners every day just in case and always needed them. I started using Perifit and by the end of the 5th day realised that I had not had 1 leak- not even a tiny one and that I hadn't needed to run to the toilet once during the entire day. Today is day 8, I stopped wearing liners 2 days ago - that is how confident I feel. Having to wear liners is not at all sexy and I was surprised at how much more confident and happy with myself I am by being able to bin them! For me this product is AMAZING and I am so glad I decided to give it a try, I cannot believe the physical and mental improvement in myself in just a few days. I am so glad I got the Perifit now rather than wait until things got much worse and I really needed it. It doesn't feel uncomfortable at all when I'm using it and the games are really fun. I'm also very competitive so I am loving the fact that I can try and beat my score every day! It took a few tries to get the hang of performing the kegels properly and without the contraction quality meter I don't think I would ever have got it right. I think every woman should have one of these, it honestly is life-changing to realise that I don't just have to accept incontinence and a progressively weakening pelvic floor as I get older - I'm 48. I feel amazing, thank you!

I love my Perifit and I feel I am improving already.just wondering when you do the ping pong challenge is that a real person as I get very competitive

Worth the money

This kegel trainer is really good at focussing your exercises to ensure they are effective. I wouldn’t normally play games on my phone but they really help and show your progress. After only a few weeks I can already feel the benefit. I will definitely recommend to friends.
If you are feeling miserable due to your pelvic floor after giving birth / menopause, give this a try and persevere, it’s worth it.

New and improved!

Great to get back to training.
Love the video of how to do kegels and new games!

Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit

Genius invention

Honestly the best thing I’ve bought in a very long time. It’s simple to use, but very effective. The games are brilliant, and whilst they’re funny, it’s actually a really clever way to get the exercises done and not have it feel like a chore. Well done Perifit!


Great to have real time feedback on contraction strength and quality, and be able to track progress. Great to see technology working for women in this way.

Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit
Martina Karaula Lupis

Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit

Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit

Great item

I really like this device. I brought it for stress incontinence after 3 difficult births. Everything feels much tighter and I get on with it really well, it took a bit of perseverance to get exactly right but its honestly brilliant. I'm hopeful to see big improvements in my pelvic floor the longer I use it.

Great way to get your pelvic floor back to full strength after having a baby. The games are so fun however I do find myself going over my time recommend 🤣

Straordinario! È diventato il mio appuntamento quotidiano per la mia salute e benessere!


The best tool I have found for prefecting, practising and improving pelvic floor muscles

A helpful gadget

After a few weeks use I have seen an improvement in my prolapse... it’s much less noticeable. Also greatly improving re stress incontinence. I find the forum/chat very helpful for advice both from your staff ... thanks to Berenice and also to other users. I’ve been frustrated that my app has been showing housekeeping on this function for a few day
S now... hopefully it will be back online soon. Very happy overall with my purchase.

Great Product

Easy and fun to use! The games are fantastic. Very helpful

Great tool, very helpful


I am very excited to play games. And that's a challenge. I'm very pleased.

Excellent Device

Highly recommend this device for all women, I love how can see your progress and learn how to do kegles correctly


I’m impressed. It’s taking me a little while to work out some of the games but it’s definitely having a good effect on my undercarriage! Also the gentle nagging reminders actually prompt me to do the exercises!

Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit


I am very impressed with Perifit. App is made to perfection. It's easy to use, somewhat fun and relaxing, very informative, accurate. Most of all, I actually do my exercises now and feel very happy to do them! I strongly recommend this to all women, personal recommendations have already been made.


I really like working kegels with perifit. I would really recommend it to all women. Great product.

Great thanks

Perfect thank you