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I'm amazed !

I'm amazed !!
It's much better than i was expecting.

Fantastic Device!

I am so pleased with the Perifit. I've been able to improve my strength a lot in quite a short period of time, the games are so fun and the app is very well designed. I have tried similar devices in the past, and this is my favourite. Highly recommend!

Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit
Lotte Lorraine Hayles
Perifit -perfect fit

For me The perifit is perfect, it males legal exersizes something positive instead of boring, but best of all it helårs guide The quality of them and my progress.

Makes you Want to do your kegels

Purchased post 2nd baby to support partial prolapse. After 2 weeks, strength and endurance has improved. Starts as 5 mins sessions and slowly increases to 15m
Games are fun.


Just great and fun!

After few days of practise I totally fell through this app! I highly recommend it to everyone! ❤️

Very happy with the product, easy to use, and finding the instant feedback from the exercises very encouraging

Such a positive use of tech for women’s health!

I saw this advertised, was curious and read up. Thought I’d go for it!

Well, who would have thought I’d be playing computer games! But after about 2 weeks I was already noticing a difference in everyday life. I’m really glad I saw the advert. It’s very simple and such a positive outcome. I’m in my early 40s but after doing a skipping challenge for a charity, was mortified to realise I was struggling to complete each day’s challenge without leaking. I felt really demoralised, so trying this Perifit has been a real relief.


Learn more about you and your health.

Science in a toy

After 1 week:
I had doubts (price, effectiveness) but my first impressions are very positive. It sounds absurd to do challenge games with other users using their… but this is what makes this idea genial. Kegel (and this kind of exercises) might be great, but… do we do it? Do we practice from books, videos, courses? Not really.. this is the product what can change it. It measures the efforts, makes statistics, and is FUN to use. I feel the results after a week!

Game changer

Wow why did I not get one of these sooner? Literally a game changer and probably prevented a prolapse I cannot recommend highly enough

New training positions!

The new shape is an improvement! I could not practice in any other position but on my back with the previous version. With this one, I could do it from standing and on all fours and getting normal scores in games!!

great improvements

This new perifit+ stayed in and did not require any adjusting. I felt that the biofeedback was much more accurate with the new perifit as it stayed in place and I could feel the contractions more. Easy to insert and remove!

love it!

I really like the new shape, much more comfy and easier to insert!

Haven’t received product yet

Haven’t received product yet

Absolutely love it

I did not expect it to be such a good experience for me! Did kegels after my first baby every day for 6 months, went to biofeedback sessions and it was such an expensive and boring struggle..This time, after I had my second baby, i had a prolapse and needed to do kegels even more. I was hopeing that Perifit will help me to do kegels more often, but I didnt expect to do them THAT often😅 I have done kegels every single day since i bought Perifit, its really that much fun! I did them even after the party!!! I think it is precise enough and I like that it shows when you do kegels correct and when not. I would absolutely recommend it and I do not write reviews ever! :) But I wanted to do it this time since I wasnt sure myself if I would like it or not before i bought it. So ladies, buy it! It can become your best friend🤗

A fun way to exercise

I am finding that the Perifit provides a fun and motivating way to exercise my pelvic floor. I started noticing a difference within a few weeks.


Beginning to see results and enjoy the games.

Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit

Great idea.

I’m actually enjoying the exercises and appreciate the thought that has gone into the design of the games. Not enough time using it yet, but I do feel it will be beneficial, and I will be able to get results.

Works great and is fun to do

I thought I'd give this a try after noticing my pelvic floor wasn't what it used to be, years after twin pregnancy. Seeing a lot of good reviews and wanted to make sure I did the exercises properly, which the app helps with too. The games are great fun (it does feel odd at first haha), the 5 minutes a day fly by! And I can monitor progress easily on the app too. Great purchase!


Pelvic floor exercise is so much more fun if you’re playing a game!

Excellent device

I'm a 49yr old menopausal woman and I have a mild bladder prolapse, on my 3rd week of using Perifit and I have very noticeable improvement in all areas. Honestly wish I'd known about this product before now. I was sceptical at spending so much money but it's been worth every penny. My wellbeing, confidence, sex life and general outlook has improved so much in such a short time. Thank you so much for such a wondeful product that actually works !

Perfect timing

I will do everything I can health wise transitioning into ageing.

I bought for my mother

I bought for my mother, still waiting to see how she goes. She lives in Brazil, 65 years old and has been suffering with Urinary incontinence. I hope this device can fix it.