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Un producto genial

Es un producto muy completo que genera una gran atencion a todas lasnpartes del suelo pelvico y ayuda a mantener un buen control del progreso y su mantenimiento. Recomendable 100%


Ik heb veel problemen met de oefeningen. De extra ring zou verbetering moeten geven maar die kant steeds bij de oefeningen, na elke oefening moet ik de kegel en opnieuw aanbrengen. Zitten lukt al helemaal niet Dus ik doe de oefeningen half zittend . Ik kan ook nergens een button vinden om het programma af te sluiten of moet je dan uitloggen Heel vervelend . Zelfs het enquete Formulier verzenden lukt niet. Vriendelijke groet Hanneke

Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser

Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser
Cristina Gutiérrez García

Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser


Enjoy the versatility of the second edition!

A great product!

I am seeing results after only 2 weeks. Very happy with this.

Perifit Pump Bottle
Roser febrer
Botella deformada

Después de esterilizar la botella , la boca de la botella se ha deformado, y ahora no encaja con la bomba. Imposible unir las dos piezas. Decepcionada

Pitäisi olla myös Suomeksi sovellus koska en osaa englantia. Muuten hyvä.

I've been using the Perifit for 2 weeks and I've stuck with it even though I don't feel that I'm making much progress. I was expecting to notice a difference in my Urge Incontinence but so far things haven't improved and the last couple of days my bladder weakness seems to be even worse. I'd love to know if I'm doing things right or if not, what I'm dong wrong and I'd also like to how long it'll take for an improvement in my UI? I'm trying to stay positive so I'll keep going but in hindsight I wonder if I should've purchased the Perfit+ instead of the Original?????

Bene ma non benissimo.

Ottimo strumento per mantenere tonica e attiva la zona pelvica. Divertenti i giochi. Apprezzato anche dal mio ginecologo che lo sta consigliando alle sue pazienti. Unica pecca la batteria.
Una volta esaurita si è costretti a buttare l'apparecchio.

Perifit Pump | In-bra, hands-free breast pump

Fun and effective

A really great product that helps you do pelvic floor exercises correctly, allows you to monitor your progress, gives you daily reminders and is much more fun than doing them yourself!

Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser

Perifit+ | Dynamic Kegel Exerciser

It works great

Tolles Gerät, die Spiele machen Spaß und sind sehr anspruchsvoll. Ich kann es nur weiterempfehlen.


Molto utile e divertente

Perifit+ | Dynamic Kegel Exerciser
Silvia Corrales Villar

Estupendo para fortalecer el suelo pélvico


Good for young women, but for me ( 60+) the Perifit was better

Perifit Pump Flange
Susana Villalba Reñones
Wholly dissatisfied

The flange is too big for me, so the device doesn’t work. I don’t get any milk with it. Frustrating because the flange of a smaller size rubs against my nipple and hurts me. It’s not fair that you can not return it, when it’s possible to return the complete device.

Perifit Pump Bottle

Perifit Pump | In-bra, hands-free breast pump

Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser

Perifit+ | Dynamic Kegel Exerciser
Carlos Eduardo Doval Exposito
Haven't received it yet

30 days gone and haven't received it

Perifit+ | Dynamic Kegel Exerciser
María Carmen Sánchez Marín

Fácil de usar y ameno. Hacer los ejercicios es divertido y, lo mejor, es que funciona el entrenamiento. Recomendable.