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Wireless and completely hands-free, the Perifit Pump liberates you from the conventional pumping nightmare so you can pump when you want, where you want. No wardrobe change is needed, you can keep your shirt on and go about your day!

Flexible Flange technology for better output: Our innovative flexible silicone flange compresses your nipple and areola during pumping, replicating the movements of your baby’s mouth. Research has shown that this compression increases pumping efficiency and milk production.

Comfortable fit: The flange is made of soft and non-abrasive silicone and not the hard plastic that you're used to, making it more comfortable for you and your nipples.

Safe for you and your baby: The Perifit Pump works as a closed pumping system which means that your milk travels a hygienic route from the breast to the bottle. Not to mention all materials are food-grade and BPA-free!

Warranty: 2-year warranty on the pump and 90 day warranty on washable components.

This box contains: 1 flange Stock up on Perifit Pump spare parts to leave at work, home, or in your bag so that you can pump when you want, where you want.

Shipping from France: Custom fees may apply for deliveries to the UK.

You're not sure what flange size fits you?
Our flange size guide may help! Download it right here.

Stimulate your nipple until it perks up and measure the diameter of your nipple in mm from base to base. You can measure with any usual ruler, or with our printable nipple ruler. Then check our sizing chart below and choose the corresponding flange size.

Please note that since our flange is made of soft silicone and adapts to the shape of your nipple, a slight misfit is less inconvenient than with a hard plastic flange.

If you think you are a smaller size than the ones currently available, please contact our team at, we can recommend inserts to reduce the size of your flange.

Customer Reviews

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Très pratique

Je ne souhaitais pas tirer mon lait en plus de l’allaitement pour ma 2e grossesse car trop contraignant pour la 1ere. Une amie m’a conseillé ce tire lait et effectivement on peut combiner le tirage avec l’organisation du matin sans perdre de temps, pendant le déjeuner ou en voiture. Comme ça mon partenaire peut parfois donner le biberon, je peux faire un peu de stock au congélateur et même donner au lactarium… Impeccable !

Kelda Gili-Tos

Perifit Pump | In-bra, hands-free breast pump

Alba T
Inmejorable relación calidad-precio

Buenísima relación calidad-precio. Tiene muy buena succión, me permite sacar en menos tiempo más leche que con mi anterior sacaleches de una marca conocida. Es súper cómodo y me está permitiendo hacer mi banco de leche 😜 lo que más me gusta también es el programa de incremento de producción que tiene.

Además el envío fue súper rápido y como me equivoqué en la elección de los embudos, las chicas me enviaron el que realmente quería de forma totalmente gratuita.

100% recomendable sin duda alguna

Stuart Scroggie

Perifit Pump | In-bra, hands-free breast pump

Melissa Yseboodt

happy with my new bottle!

Alison Bruijn
Good suction - but too many negatives

I’m an exclusive pumper and I bought the Perifit pump around 2 months into my breastfeeding journey. On the positive side, the pump itself is powerful and compared to my plug-in pump, it has the same suction power so that was a pleasant surprise.

As other reviewers have said, it’s not silent. However, I’ve pumped in a busy restaurant, on a plane and when I’ve been out shopping, and no one had a clue. It’s only in quiet places you can hear it and I’ve had funny stares in the silent car of a train and in an airport lounge as people can’t work out what the noise is :). When you have the pump on, do wear a baggy top as the girls look HUGE. People stare.

Unfortunately there have been some negatives for me. First it’s really difficult to get your breast in the right position. You can’t see if there is milk coming out, so a few times I’ve finished pumping only to find that only one side has actually expressed. It’s super frustrating and stressful (like now I need to spend another 15 mins pumping again!). For this reason, I would never rely on this pump only and while on holiday, I had to carry both pumps with me as I just didn’t trust this pump to be reliable. Once I spent 30 minutes in a pub toilet trying to get the pump in the right position - and I didn’t manage.

The app is awful. If you lose signal on your phone, the timer stops and you have no idea how long you’ve pumped for. If you are just checking out the other options on the app, the timer starts again so again have no idea how long you’ve pumped for. I hated it so much, I just used the timer on my phone.

Shipping is dreadful. It clearly states that it takes 5-10 business days - and it really does take that long. Just ordering some silicone parts took 2.5 weeks to arrive in the Netherlands from France. If you exclusively pump that’s too long. It’s not clear why it’s so slow and when I anxiously emailed customer service, she gleefully told me yes it was on it’s way, just be patient. Tracking is awful as well with the shipper they use, so all you know is that it’s on its way somewhere. I recommend ordered spare parts just in case, before you need them.

Lastly, a small point, but the pump doesn’t come with a bag so you have to get that separately. For the price, it would have been nice. It also says on the instructions that the parts are not suitable for a microwave steriliser - seriously??!

Overall the pump has good power but there are so many negatives, I couldn’t really recommend it. Pumping is so personal though - good luck on your journey!

Beste kolf ooit

Wat een uitkomst, dit had ik 4 jaar geleden moeten hebben. Het kolven gaan zoveel beter nu. Ik heb de vrijheid omdat hij draadloos is en ik kan overal heen lopen met de pomp. Super fijn in gebruik en makkelijk schoon te maken. Aanrader

Great pump

I’m very happy with this hands free pump. Works better than expected. Don’t use my other pump anymore.

Game changing

I dreaded pumping as I got ready for the birth of my second kid. I have vivid memories of spending hours chained to the sink and scrubbing pump components. My second child would be breastfed, and I would never pump. That would entail switching to formula when it was time to return to work. My first business travel was planned for just one month after giving birth. Breastfeeding was going well as the date drew near, which made me sad but also resolute that I would never again be a pump slave. the Simone, please. I looked into a product after seeing a few clever advertisements that sounded too wonderful to be true. A pump that met MY requirements I placed the pump's order and stopped there.

Life changing!

Finding the right time and location to pump was a big struggle for me. Being a working mother who is constantly on the move, I discovered that I wasn't pumping as regularly or as long as I should have been in order to supply my baby with enough milk. Due to the cost and my slight skepticism about how well it would operate, I hesitated to buy, but it has exceeded my expectations. Now I can pump wherever and continue to work. My Simone pump allows me to wear it for up to 30 minutes instead of the 10-15 minutes I could with my Spectra. With your hands free, you can move around, work, dine, wash dishes, or do anything else. It really is liberating. Additionally, I can now pump longer and anyplace.


Our innovative flexible silicone flange moves with your breast while you pump to increase pumping efficiency and output. This makes it not only the most efficient pump on the market, but also the most comfortable and gentle for you.

Discreet yet powerful

No compromises: our pump is small, quiet, and super powerful! Perifit Pump is a hospital strength pump with a suction strength of up to 300mmHg. Yes, this means that you can now pump anywhere, without anyone noticing.


We went back to the basics:
efficiency, comfort, and convenience. This ‘no fuss’ approach offers you the best in-bra pump, at the right price.

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Perifit Pump | In-bra, hands-free breast pump

Perifit Pump | In-bra, hands-free breast pump